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24 June 2005 @ 10:43 am
doesn't look like im going to KINGS DOMINION...once again, plans down the drain especially after TRYING to plan for almost 2 months, but whatever, i've learned that this is always my luck so i always expect my plans to be ruined or for the worst to happen.

So, went to POWER PLANT LIVE last night and watched the free country concert (MARK CHESNUT last night). Then waited for Tony and his date to come and we went to BAR OF BALTIMORE. MUCH FUN! Def had a great time, came home at 2:30 this morning and im not tired at all....slept till 9:45 *heh* *ah* but all good things do not last, i have to be at work by 11. So i am getting ready to leave here.

Man, i tell you what. Dirty nasty people. Drunks and whoa. Thank goodness tony and megan were looking out for me cuz Michael was not there with us last night and ewwwwwwwwww..megan was my "spy" lolz. And what the heck is up with people trying to kiss people they JUST met? Like literally for 30 seconds...gross.

Anyways, nuff of my ranting and raving. I had a great time. It was fun!

Dunno if im gonna see Michael tonight or not, he wants to do something with his uncle and if he doesnt do that, im sure something else will come up cuz yanno, that's my luck cuz i really would like to see him tonight. But hey, i can always go for my late night bike rides at maw maw's, those are actually really fun, and hey im burning calories while im doing it!

Alrighty, now i gotta go, or i shall be late for work. How i do wish that the kids from our center were the only ones there. Some of these kids from the other centers are HORRIBLE and they def dont listen to ANYONE, not even Mrs. Annette, and that's really saying something....saying that these ones are bad bad bad.

Later folks! hope everyone is enjoying their summer....

loves loves!

luv *sarah*

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Debra Kay Boardwine
November 19, 1959 - May 20, 2004
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22 June 2005 @ 08:29 am
yes, so this is mainly how it will be all summer. I don't have to work until Wednesday's so i will be at maw-maw's from friday night to tuesday night or wednesday morning.

So yesterday, had some fun. For the FIRST time, i went fishing! IT WAS FUN! Def gonna have to invest. I caught two! *yay* Other than that, i don't really remember my weekend...sad isnt it?

Well thursday, the free country concert is MARK CHESNUT and then after that we are headed to BAR of Baltimore...fun! Gotta call and remind some peeps and stuffs, should be fun. Tonight i am def cleaning, unloading some crap and all that jazz...exercise would be nice, but it depends on the madre so who knows. I would really love to do tae-bo but if she's being a bizzle than im gonna go for my two hour walk tonight round 8:30/9. Alrighty...

Well, now i must go cuz i have to get ready for work...swim day but Lord i pray that it rains, lightenings, and thunders and there is no swimming...would make life easier! *heh*

luv *sarah*

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Debra Kay Boardwine
November 19, 1959 - May 20, 2004
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17 June 2005 @ 09:41 am
Dunno..been a while maybe? *eh* Well, things are alright here. I have much to do in such a short time. I have found NO ONE to go to KINGS DOMINION with me to see the variety of people for the 3 day concerts! SO, it looks like i am making the trip myself. Although, it will suck to have to ride rides by my lonesome. SOOOOOO....if anyone wants to go and see BUILDING 429, NEWSBOYS, FFH, TOBYMAC, JEREMY CAMP, and many more and guest speakers, PLUS go to the parks for only $80 and the split of a hotel price, lemme know ASAP cuz im gonna get my tix within the next 2 weeks so i can start booking my hotel. KINGSFEST 2005 is from July 7 thru the 9 (thurs to sat). I have been looking up and down for just ONE person to go, and no one can. Great life huh? Wish i had such an exciting life as some, but what can i do?

Other than that, not much has been happening. Went to Bar of Baltimore last night...well actually POWER PLANT LIVE, free concert=Jimmy Wayne. Next Thursday we are going again and it's gonna be MARK CHESNUT! WOOHOO! Havent heard much from him in a long while so this should be fun!

Work is goin sloooooowwwww. I work today from 12-3 and then monday, summer camp starts. I dun work till wed throughout the summer so i get long weekends and very frequent trips to OC MD and OC NJ. WHICH KIM BY THE WAY I AM GOING TO COME SEE YOU NEXT MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!! I still think someone should take offa work and go to KINGS DOMINON with me Jul 7-9!! *heh* But either way im still going cuz last year i wanted to go and couldnt and this year there are WAY too many people i wanna see so im not gonna miss it!

SOOOOOooooooooooooOOOoOOoOOOOOoOOOoO...time to go....Gonna clean a bit and get ready for work and stuff. Michael is gonna come over tonight and gimme my massage cuz my back has been KILLING me. We're gonna chill and watch a movie or something till his curfew (which is CRAP). His momma is psycho......

luv *sarah*

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Debra Kay Boardwine
November 19, 1959 - May 20, 2004
I miss you aunt deb! I love you so much!
02 June 2005 @ 08:45 am
So i got my grades from essex in the mail yesterday and im highly ticked off. I started my college career with a 4.0, then as i transfered home i had to start all over. So, i knew there was ONE class that was gonna have it in for me: MATH! This guy did not know how to teach. So, needless to say that HIS class is the one that screwed me over. There is not a way to get a 4.0 for the rest of my college time and im pissed. That man should not be teaching! So instead of all A's like it should have been, i have 4 A's and A FRIGGEN B with a total of a 3.75 GPA....the man should move on to another school or not teach at all. I'm VERY upset.

So life. Well, the other night didnt go as bad as i thought. There is still much weirdness with things and people but it's contained so it's not soo bad. But, now a person wants to have a "family" talk...so now i am part of that family i guess. *sigh* but i dun wanna cuz i dun wanna have to explain stuff to her about my life before 10th grade when my life was literally a train wreck. I know she'd grill about what i was thinking or whatever...i just don't feel like answering to her. My luck, she'd fly off the hinge at me...*sigh* oh well. I will eventually have to face her. Right now i've been good at avoiding her.

SO tonight Michael and I are supposed to do something. Not sticking around his house though. Friday we're gonna do something. ANd Saturday im going to a pampered chef party at mrs. annette's, and then going on a picnic with Michael if it's nice outside. Sunday i have a college grad party for Miss Sarah.


loves *sarah*

Sarah Loves Michael!
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Debra Kay Boardwine
November 19, 1959 - May 20, 2004
A whole year...i hope you're having the time of your life! I MISS YOU! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!
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31 May 2005 @ 06:16 pm
i just read messages...
thank you guys. I love you too!
31 May 2005 @ 06:13 pm
so i think now is the time to sleep away everything...

things didnt go as bad as i thought....but im still the bad person here, i know this.

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30 May 2005 @ 11:13 pm
DOn't you just LOVE how some people don't know what PRIVACY is? SO...yeah, im pretty much going to possibly die this week depending on a situation which occured tonight about 30 minutes ago. WONDERFUL. So i might not be on here for a while.

So i know i havent been the perfect little christian girl everyone thinks i am. BUT i DO try and i abide by many christian lifestyle rules and regulations. SO I BROKE ONE...one that many, including myself, consider sacred BUT it wasnt like i just broke it and rolled with it. IT WAS SERIOUS PONDERING. Not enough probably simply because prayer has not been on my side for something extremely important so i've just almost completely stopped praying. Guilt rode me for a little bit, but after that not really. It's hard to explain...
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I dunno what to do! I DUNNO WHAT TO THINK! I just...what i want is to cry, and make it all go away...have it never happen (what happened tonight).
How am i going to face anyone? I try...i really have tried.

Ever since Aunt Debbie died i've started slowly slipping away. I prayed SO MUCH when she got sick that God would make her a walking, talking, living miracle of what He can do for those who love Him and follow Him, have trust and faith in Him, and for those who pray. I also prayed that His will be done, but BEGGED Him not to take her away. I was so excited when she came home on hospice. I had NO IDEA what hospice was until someone told me that it is a program for those who are going to die, for them to die in their home on their own basically...NOT BECAUSE THEY ARE GETTING BETTER. I thought God was answering my prayer...until not even 2 days later, she died. PRAYER WAS WORTHLESS....still is for me. I just can't change how i feel about that. I can't. I've tried. I've gotten over being angry with God. I've gotten over the fact that He didnt do this because I'm such a horrible person, because I knwo that I am not, and that I am worth something to God if not to anyone else. I feel horrible that i've hurt God by falling away. But i've been trying so hard to get back to where i was. But ever since she died, i just cannot get back into reading my bible like i used to, and it is VERY difficult for me to pray...i pray for others in church but feel that my prayers are useless...i tell others to pray, hoping they will have better luck than i did. I know this is no excuse...but still

Am i such a horrible person? I know to my family i will be...i don't think i can deal with life if they find out. I would def move out....quit school, find another church, get outta this state, get a couple of jobs to support myself, and start over. I'd beg Michael to come with me, and I'm positive there will be no objections from him.

I guess im finally getting what i deserve after my past....all those years coming back to bite me in the butt...maybe i WAS a horrible person and that is why things are happening and have been happening for last year and few months...

my life could very well be over tonight...and all i wanna do is get outta here. I'm scared outta my mind. So if im not around for a while, this that is happening tonight is why...if everything is okay or whatever, i shall update soon...
love *sarah*


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Debra Kay Boardwine
November 19, 1959 - May 20, 2004
I'm sorry if i've disappointed you Aunt Deb. I love you so mucH! i miss you! please dont stop loving me...
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24 May 2005 @ 10:52 am
So, this weekend was good. Friday night michael and i went and saw HOUSE OF WAX..great movie, very graphic *ick* BUt still good. Saturday....okay so saturday def waited around for Michael to call. He didnt. So i walked for like ever, then will called WOOHOO. So i went over wills and hung out. Good times! Have to chill more often i suppose.
So it was all good. Sunday went to church and then to Michael's stepdads family's cookout *lolz* there's a mouthful. Then back to his house and his mom and stepdad went out to home depot and McD's for the usual sunday dine out. We stayed in and watched a movie and walked and stuff. Good stuff. Yesterday, not much. Today not much lolz. Going to a Spring Concert tonight for some of the kids at work. Should be fun i suppose.
OH YEAH! And as of yesterday, AOL is gone. So email is Psalms4theLord@hotmail.com
Aim names: Homesick52004 and x0o0oDuCkYo0o0x
Celly phone: (email me for it)

Right then. Well, friday night going to a party and then heading down to the ocean till sunday. Should be fun. Gram and Gramps, mom and lil bro and me and maybe michael. Good stuffs.
Job...def working every afternoon 3-6 and then tues wed and fri mornings 7-9. And now when it's not raining and even some when it is, i will be babysitting between shifts and stuff tues thru fri for $10 an hour...woohooo...calculated i could make almost $200 a week. So im good. ANd im done *lolz* must go and have a life...maybe sleep some till work.
loves loves
luv *sarah*

Sarah Loves Michael!
year and a half and still going..........weeeeeeeeeeee

Debra Kay Boardwine
November 19, 1959 - May 20, 2004
The day came and went on friday. I've finally come to terms with some things. And even though i miss you so much, i will be okay. We will be okay...I love you aunt debbie! i miss you so much!!!!!!!!!!!
18 May 2005 @ 10:46 am
SO the Hair Competition was last night...Michael won in the Fantasy Category AND HE WON THE ENTIRE COMPETITION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHH!!! IM STILL EXCITED ABOUT IT! I almost cried! DEF JES OMG!!! CANT EVEN DESCRIBE!! SO PROUD!!! WAS GREAT!!!!! THE BEST!! LOVED IT!!! *Heh* im still excited about it! he looked MUCHO hott and christina strut the stuff and WOOOOOO HE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOw i must go and get ready. Gonna meet him for lunch at 12:30 and then back here to get ready for work and then walking to work. Coming home and transfering stuffs and getting some craft ideas and then bed time *heh*.
NEW EMAIL: Psalms4theLord@hotmail.com
the old one is still working...when it stops, use the one above *heh*
AIM NAMES: ATFLivetheDiff, Homesick52004

luv *sarah*

Sarah Loves Michael!
1yr 1/2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Debra Kay Boardwine
November 19, 1959 - May 20, 2004
1 yr on friday........*tear*
*m00d*: bouncybouncy
Alright...well life aint so grand right now. Let's start..

MY EMAIL WILL CHANGE IN 2 WEEKS OR LESS: my parents are getting rid of AOL cuz my dumb lil bro had to get DSL so he could get XBOX LIVE...*cringe* im highly upset. This is uprooting everything i've built up since 6th grade....*AHHHH* i will have ATFLivetheDiff, Homesick52004 as AIM names (yes i will still have aim) but i will be getting a new e-mail soon SO KEEP IN TOUCH!!!!!!!!!!!

FINALS ARE THIS WEEK! Having trouble studying for computer and education. I've got my speech stuff done. Tomorrow i give my last speech at 8 am, and then my comp exam at 10:30. My next exam is on Friday at 1, it's for my education class.

Schedule REVISED AGAIN. So, in order to get into Towson I am going to havce to take more credits than i wanted to next semester and the following semester, AND take a winter session and possibly a summer session. *ick* So now i have a night class on thursdays from 6 to 8:55 for INTEGRATED ARTS...*argh* i dun wanna take this class.

CELL PHONE...So i took my god-daughter to the carnival on saturday. I spent $34 on bracelets. WASTE! We got on 4 rides (2 were paid for by tickets so really we only rode 2 rides with the bracelets) and i realized as we were getting onto the 5th ride, my CELL PHONE WAS GONE! Now, the only ride it could have got lost on was THE ORBITOR because right before that we got our bracelets and before that we got on the GRAVITRON, and when we got off the gravitron, my mom called and i talked to her. After the orbitor we got on the haunted house ride, and the guy there shut down the ride, turned on all the lights, and looked in EVERY SINGLE ROOM for my celly phone. SUCH A NICE GUY! i thanked him very much. So, which only leaves the orbitor. Well, there was a group of 5 guys standing behind us in line. One kept tapping my shoulder, and another one told that one to stop. So me and amanda are just dancing and goofing and then we get on the ride. SO we get off, and run over to the roudup, and i reach to see what time it is, and AHHHH!! MY CELL PHONE IS GONE! Got off the ride ran back over to the orbitor asked the guy, and he said to check around the ride cuz things fly off all the time. So amanda and i looked twice THOROUGHLY, then we went to the haunted house (explained above) and he sent us to the office people. A guy there went to the lost and found, then went with us to the orbitor to look around the ride. We found pocket knives, scrunchies, hair pins, lightbulbs from the ride, lipsticks, gum..BUT NO CELL PHONE. So i decided i was gonna look for the group of guys to see if they saw it...

WELL, found them. Approached them. I asked. 3 of the guys pointed to the one i was standing in front of and one of them said "he's got it in his pocket. Check it." and he was like "yo i didnt steal shyz. For real, i wouldnt." and the one standing next to him said "yeah he dont steal." and one of the three in the back said "call yer phone." YEAH HOW WAS I GONNA DO THAT..no phones around and myne was gone. So i was looked at him and said "seriously..." then he cut me nad off said "i would tell you if i saw anything, but i didn't sorry. But if i was you i would call yer cell phone and see if anyone picks up." so yeah, what ev. I walked away and as i was walking away one of the three said "yo dude, give the girl back her phone..." and that was it...i was not even linking anything together.

I called my dad crying. It wasnt the phone, it was all the numbers i had in there. *ick* trying to get numbers again is gonna be hard. And i had no way of calling amanda's parents and telling them we were okay. So i called michael and told him my cell was gone and i wanted him to call it and see if anyone answers and he called and called my cell phone till the people finally turned it off. He said a group of guys answered the cell 3 times before it was finally turned off. SO THAT SOLVES THE MYSTERY. My phone wasnt lost on a ride, it was STOLEN OUT OF MY POCKET..and the guy tapping my shoulder was the distraction. I was TICKED...still am....but what ev. I got a new one today lolz.

Went to OCEAN CITY MD yesterday for the day. No swimming for me, but michael and dana and opie (the psycho ones) went for a little dip in the freezing cold water.

Went to work this morning at 7. Got my cell phone. Studied a little. Getting ready to leave for work till 6. Then off to EVANGEL CATHEDRAL till who knows when for church. Our church leads the service tonight and we have our special singing. Tomorrow night is some other church. This is all for the DELMARVA DC CAMP MEETING stuffs we do every year. Fun stuffs.


JULY 7 - 9....KINGS DOMINION, VA. KINGSFEST 2005. Tix are $80 for the 3 days of concerts and 3 park admissions (which you need in order to go to the concerts anyways). So far i have 2 defs, me and my pal louise, and we are coordinating. We would like to get the tix by next week. We've decided i think on camping...but hotels are a possibility, it's the money issue...*heh*. But anyone interested, lemme know (email me...call me...something...i'll be emailing me new cell # Psalms4theLord@aol.com until further notice is my email)


Time to go...gotta pick up some stuff for the girls at work. Later ya'll!

love *sarah*
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