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29 August 2005 @ 10:14 am
long time?  
Perhaps..dunno how long it's been. I've been posting on myspace and xanga. I have neglected this lolz. Sorry. So here's the DL. My lil bro has started school at Overlea today. I started work today, full time! YES! And i start classes in about 2 hours.
I went to the ocean this weekend my mi madre, grandmom, uncle, and Michael. GREAT TIME!
I've had about 14hrs of sleep in the last 3 days so im pooped but yet somehow still awake. That's pretty much it. I have about an hour before i gotta leave to do some things on campus so i have to go and get my stuff together so i can go. Later folks!
loves loves
luv *sarah*

Sarah Loves Michael!
1 yr, 9 months, still going....

Debra Kay Boardwine
November 19, 1959 - May 20, 2004
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