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03 August 2005 @ 09:43 am
quick lil update till later when i have time (dunno when later will be though)  
ooooooooooooooooooooookies. Lots happened since my last update! And i don't have time right now to explain it all because i have to leave for work in less than 10 minutes.

Michael is going camping tomorrow till sunday. I am gonna go to the Ocean (hopefully) till sunday night and this is my last week of work until school starts so WOOHOO! I dun have to work next week, except we have VBS and i am an assistant teacher for the first grade. On the 13th, I am going to go to good old New Jersey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYNESS! (with or without Michael). Then on the 14th till bout the 16/17th im going to the ocean with grandmom, uncle danny, aunt gab and their lil baby. Then im gonna be going to Saltiville VA to see my cousin Heash with maw-maw and uncle Michael from the 19 to the 22nd. Dr.s Appt on the 22 @ 7pm (hopefully my last one and she'll say that im all better and the TB is gone completely!) the 25 is my brothers 9th grade orientation night and im going lolz. He gets his schedule and gets to see some of his teachers, im really wondering if he's gonna have any of the teachers i had. Then im gonna be going to the ocean one more time for the weekend from the 26 to the 28. *whew*

Im also planning a trip to ferrum. Rachey, it might not be the weekend after ya'll start cuz im prolly gonna be going to Labor Day in Saltville, but it's a possibilty that i will be venturing the weekend after or the weekend after that. I dunno, but i shall talk to ya'll about it.

Tomorrow i am getting a new stereo and a new set of speakers put in my car (hopefully, that's if my dad gets his goofy act together). Tonight is Agape House (youth church at my church) and since Sister Hancock didnt get back to me about driving the van tonight, im going to assume that i dont have to. OKies. well i must be off to work. Swim day with the lovely little angels *cough*

luv *sarah*

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