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22 July 2005 @ 10:41 am
bout ready to go to work. Supposed to go to Fairfax this weekend to pick up Clyde so he can come up here for a bit, should be fun! Michael is going out with his friends tonight, or he's going to try...but that's too bad if he doesnt, because i will already have plans and for once, im not going to be at his beckon call...i will not make an excuse to not hang out with a friend or two tonight simply because his plans got busted, especially when i gave up planning anything with him on my part because that happened a lot. whatever...
so now i must go to work *blah* This kids have been TERRIBLE this week...thank God, only 2 more weeks and im done till the school year starts. Im helping out with VBS at church in the first grade class so that should be fun. Then im going to Ocean City for a week and plan to take a trip to OC NJ for a day soon...if i don't go camping on the weekend of the 5th then i shall prolly go then. ANd im going to VA to see my cousin before school starts. August is a crammed month. OH well. Gotta go! ANYONE WANNA DO ANYTHING TONIGHT? *heh*
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