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15 July 2005 @ 06:17 pm
internet is back. So let's get started on KINSGFEST!
Well, we left, we made it there by 1 cuz the traffic was HORRENDOUS! We rode only 2 rides before we had to leave to get ready or the concert. (3 hours worth of line waiting bascically). So we go and get ready and then Kristin's friend John's band is already on...they are called Dismazed. GREAT! So we met up with them after they were done and got autographs and stuff. Couldnt get backstage cuz they had to get ready to leave, as were all of the acts who lef tthe stage after their performace. But, it was all good! We met some new people and have 2 new excellent friends, to whom i talk to more than i have talked to some of my friends here and even with michael, at least in the last 2 or 3 weeks. I mean, they call EVERY night and we talk about abosolutely nothing and no one seems to mind. Good stuff. We, being Clyde, Josh, Kristin, and myself, are going to go camping hopefully the first weekend of august in good ol VA. GONNA BE A BLAST! Getting my pictures back today from the concert.
Who knows if i'll see Michael...he likes his "alone time." But he says he enjoys the time we spend together. Kinda sounds like he wants me to ease up or something *eh*? Whatever...if that's how he wants it, maybe i will just not wait anymore for him to plan things with me, being as i have already given up on planning anything with him because something usually happens to where we never get around to do it because he has to do something for his mom, with his mom, or because of his mom, or with his friends or he wants his "alone time" at the last possible minute. Whatever. I will just continue to talk to my new pals and plan frequent visits and such with them. Perhaps on the weekends Kristin and i could go down..like every other-other weekend lolz. At least i have someone who actually wants to hang out with me and do some stuff and will actually plan and hold to it. Well, ranting is over. I might as well and go wait for Michael to call again so i can live my life by the hour, which i dun like doing much when i have other people who possibly want to plan things, but Michael is number one for me, so it's all on him. His call will tell me if i am able to see him tonight. I havent seen him since tuesday night and that was for like 10 minutes when i swung by on my way home to show him something.
Is there something wrong with me?
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XxdrumsNpunkxXxxdrumsnpunkxx on August 4th, 2005 11:56 am (UTC)
i dont know how to camp ugh!